Municipal Law

Development Agreements

Where a person wishes to develop a piece of property and particularly where the desire is to establish a subdivision agreements respecting the use of the land and what and where structures or other improvements may be made to the land are frequently covered by agreements with the Municipality having jurisdiction over the subject property. Thomson & Teur has experience in negotiating and drafting various Development Agreements.

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The Planning Act in Ontario prevents a landowner from dividing their property to two or more parcels without obtaining permission. This process is called a severance. Each Municipality has a committee which oversees the granting of severances. If, for example, you had a 100 acre parcel and you wanted to sell a portion of it you would have to obtain a severance. If, with respect to the same parcel you wanted to establish a 20 lot subdivision you would not undertake this process by way of severance but would have to go through a subdivision development process.
There are rules which govern the granting of severances and the rules vary from Municipality to Municipality.
If you are purchasing adjoining land it is wise to obtain legal advice prior to completing the transaction as you may find that what you thought were two distinct parcels may have become one parcel and you cannot either of the two parts even though you acquired them separately and there are two separate tax rolls and two separate tax bills.

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By-Law Enforcement

In the event you have been charged with a contravention of a Municipal By-Law Thomson & Tuer is able to assist you in the defence of those charges.

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